Il Violino, Zug

Pasquier and Scheurenberg met in 1992 at the violin maker Otto Karl Schenk.

Philippe Pasquier

Philippe Pasquier absolved his apprenticeship in violin making with Schenk, and worked a further 2 years with him, followed in 1995 by a move to Musik Hug Luzern, where he worked for another 11 years as a violin maker.

Pasquier began his career as a musician in 1980 with the violin at the Music Academy in Basel. This was followed by further study there with the cello in 1983, with Madeleine Thommen.

From 1889 Pasquier studied cello with Thomas Demenga for 2 years at the Konservatorium Basel.

Carlos Scheurenberg

Carlos Scheurenberg learnt violin making with Alfredo del Lungo from Florence and Fernando Silva in Tucuman, Argentina. He worked with M.C. Rijsemus in Maastricht, Rudolf von Niederhäuser in Berlin, Otto Karl Schenk in Bern, and was violin maker at Musik Hug Luzern as well as almost 9 years at Jecklin Zürich.

Studied violin and viola with Margarite Behrendt and Julio Barrada.
1976 viola player in the Orquesta Juvenil de Radio Nacional.
1980-1983 viola player in the Orquestra Sinfonica de la Univeridad Nacional de Tucuman and the Orquesta Estable del Teatro San Martin de Tucuman.

Under the direction of Pedro Ignacio Calderon, Miguel Angel Gilardi, Felix Cilario, Antonio Russo, and others, the Orquesta Sinfonica accompanied, among others: Boris Pergamenchikov, Jehuda Hanani, Christine Walewska, Ruggero Ricci, Boris Belkin, Philip Hirshhorn, Elmar Oliveira, Nina Beilina, Ana Chumachenko, Peter Lukas Graf, Jorge Bolet , Rudolf Firkushni, Steven Bishop Kovacevic