Instruments available for rent

  • 1/16  to 3/4 violins from 18.00 Swiss Francs
  • 4/4 violins from 35.00 Swiss Francs
  • children violas 25.00 Swiss Francs
  • Violas with 38 cm body upwards from 35.00 Swiss Francs
  • 1/16 to 3/4 cellos from 30.00 Swiss Francs
  • 4/4 Cello from 50.00 Swiss Francs

Minimum rental duration 6 months.

The rental contract is terminated by return of the item.

Adjustment of purchase price of rented instrument
By purchase of the rented instrument or another of equal value, a  year's rental cost will be generously counted towards the price.

Insurance is not included in the rental cost. We can offer an insurance.

The rental material is of a good quality, has been well conditioned in our workshop, and equipped with high quality strings.

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