Repairs and Restorations

All repairs are carried out in our workshop.

Whether small repairs, general conditioning, or large-scale restoration, they are carried out with the greatest care and professional competence. Our passion for our work allows nothing less.

If you have had an instrument lying about for a long time and would like to restore it to a usable state, or you would like to begin playing again after a long gap, let us make a free assessment. Instruments which have not been used for a long time generally require an overhaul.

For the duration of the repair or restoration, we will give you a substitute instrument.


Are you dissatisfied with the sound of your instrument? Arrange an appointment with us and we will try to find a satisfactory solution to the problem.

Bow Stringing

Bring before 11.00 in the morning, and collect after 17.00 in the evening.

All stringed instrument bows, also double bass and Baroque.

The horsehair used is of finest quality.

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